Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Two for Tuesdays! 4th & 5th Grade Assessments OVER 40% off Today through Thursday!!!

Collaborating is awesome! Especially when YOU benefit! 

Today I am linking up with The Teaching Tribune to offer you the 4th and 5th Grade Scaled Assessments over 40% off today through Thursday!

CLICK HERE for the 4th Grade Assessment.

CLICK HERE for the 5th Grade Assessment.

These Common Core Math Assessments cover every standard at each grade level. Inside you will find a two-sided page for each standard that has tasks broken into 4 learning goals and scales or levels. These were inspired by Marzano's compilation of research, and my own experience,  suggesting that these tools have a huge impact on student progress!

Click on the 4th and 5th Grade tabs above to see examples.

You can also try a few pages for free by downloading the PREVIEW for each product in my store.

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