Saturday, July 19, 2014

Tracking Student Progress in Excel - Done for you!

Just updated my formerly lame and almost embarrassing tracking sheets for Common Core math scales to Super-Awesome and ready-to-go Excel spreadsheets. The values are color-coded so when you sort each standard you can quickly see your groups for differentiation by scale. The standard codes are linked to descriptions from the Common Core State Standards Initiative site.


How do you decide which students fall under which scale?

There are informal and formal ways of assessing students. Informally, you can ask students where they think they are before or after a lesson. "Show me on your fingers where you think you are with this skill..." It works best if the kids have a posted learning goal and scale to refer to in the classroom. You could also make informal judgements based on your own observations during group work or whole class practice.

Formally, you could give a pre-assessment and align their score to a percentage scale. (See the Grading Tab for ideas of how to align them). Here's a sample page from the Scaled Assessment I used to assess and grade kids. The Scaled Assessments are already broken into learning goals and scales for each common core standard. I decide if a student has mastered the content in each section, then I assign scale grades (0-4) and align it to percentages for report cards. 

Find FREE SAMPLE PAGES by following the link below. 
Look for the PREVIEW download button.

Here's the 6th Grade Assessment I used with Learning Goals and Scales already done for each Common Core standard. Grades 3-8 are currently available at Mrs. L's Leveled Learning Store.

CLICK HERE or follow the link on the left to get your free copy 
of the Excel Spreadsheet. Grades 1-8.
Enjoy feeling a little more organized this year! :)

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