Monday, September 29, 2014

Fan Freebie Certificates Coming Right Up!

Rereading Harry & Rosemary Wong's book, "The First Days of School," inspired me to start a Facebook discussion about student motivation and engagement. It's one thing to effectively track student progress in a way that they can SEE, it's another thing to keep that momentum going. Sharing progress with parents at conferences is great, but it isn't often enough. I decided to create some freebie student certificates for Facebook followers that can be sent home each time a student masters another level. You could start at 1, or wait until they've reached 3 or 4, different students need different amounts of external incentive. Students can color the numbers in to designate the level they've reached.
The great thing is that the certificates will double as homework passes, which every kid can get excited about!! I found these to be very effective for getting parents to engage in classroom activities or events as well, because the kids put pressure on them to get the freebie. :) The certificates indicate that the teacher has to approve the homework choice; I usually allow them to use it for one overnight practice assignment, not projects or packets.

I'd like to give people a chance to give some feedback - here is the preview. 
let me know what you think! 
I'll post the final version later this week!

You can receive these FREE certificates by following my TpT Store. Every month I send out Notes to followers with info and freebies.

Post by Mrs. L's Leveled Learning.

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