Sunday, August 3, 2014

FREE Student Progress Portfolios *Revised*

If you're one of the 1600 people who have already downloaded my FREE progress portfolios for grades 4, 5, 6 or 7; there have been some major revisions! You can return to the same link to download the revised version. My whole store and blog and are getting a face-lift this year; it's been really fun and I'm happy with the results. Please don't be afraid to leave feedback, especially suggestions for revision. Every district has different needs, and even if you're using a form of Marzano's Learning Goals and Scales in your school, it may not match my products enough to be useful for you. I'm always open to making changes. No hard feelings! I would rather it be useful than have the work sit there doing nada.

PS - I will be using my Facebook page to interact to get feedback and opinions on possible revisions or improvements for products. Please visit if you'd like to leave an opinion, request, or feedback. You can also send me messages through the store page. Thanks!

What will you find?  Before and Afters...

New Covers & Graphics for Every Product at Every Grade Level

        New Graphics for Every Product at Every Grade Level

                            Simplified Goal-Setting Sheets


Click on my FREEBIES tab to download the grade level you need for free. Thanks for stopping by!

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